Our work has been driven by the selfless and skilled work of our volunteers from day one. We invite interested individuals of all ages to get in touch with us to find out how we can accommodate your interests in helping to deliver our life-changing work. We offer both short and long term opportunities, as detailed below – but if you have ideas for other ways you might like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

Short Term

In January every year we invite teachers and other individuals to join us in Cambodia for a two week volunteering experience. While qualified teachers can help deliver our Teach the Teacher training workshops to strengthen the development of Cambodian teachers; other volunteers can get involved with school sports, health and community days, and help to improve school infrastructure as part of our Better Schools program.

Teachers can find out more about this opportunity here.

We have decided not to conduct a Teach the Teacher trip in 2018, due to competing commitments.  We expect to resume these visits in future, and will post details on this site. 

Long Term

We offer volunteering opportunities in Cambodia of six months or more to individuals with specific skills. We have international volunteer vacancies on a rotational basis in the areas of Communications, Finance and Project Managements.

For a list of our current vacancies and ways to apply, click here.


We also have a small number of permanent positions, in Australia, UK and Cambodia.  Current vacancies are listed below:

Program Monitoring and Compliance Manager (Deadline is 25th February)

Research Manager (Deadline  is 25th February)

Fundraising Manager (Deadline  is 25th February)

Other ways to volunteer your time

Office support

There is always something that needs doing at our head office in Sydney, and there are many skilled work areas where we require support. We are also interested in potential volunteers based in the United Kingdom, as we build our UK operation.

Advisory support

Do you have the time, interest and qualifications to advise us? Our Advisory Group does just that – advises the CEO on the best course of action and how to allocate funding. This is not the same as a Board – this is not about oversight; this is about support. We need professional skills to help guide our way. 

Please contact us to find out more.

All individuals interested in visiting our programs in Cambodia should read our Coming to Cambodia with a Purpose page.