Our work in Cambodia has shown us the incredible benefits of working in genuine partnerships. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand your goals, vision and values and ensure that our partnerships offer you ways to meet them.  We will ensure that you know exactly where your support is going; and that we provide tangible results and measurable impact within the communities where we work. 

A chance to see for yourself the difference your contribution makes

We actively seek involvement from you and your staff in helping us deliver our work. We encourage our corporate partners to bring a team of staff to Cambodia to participate in the delivery of our programs. The video above was captured when our corporate partners Shape (formerly Isis) visited our work in Cambodia in January 2015.

A strategic partnership

We can offer an insight into the complexities we face in our efforts to deliver meaningful dividends from your investment, and a seat at the table in our discussion on how to overcome these challenges.

A model to engage your stakeholders

Our corporate partnerships have significant impact on employee engagement, providing exceptional team building and cross cultural working opportunities, and allowing staff to feel a sense of pride, belonging and loyalty to your organisation. Our partnerships also provide an opportunity to increase customer and client engagement, build your brand profile and benefit your public relations.

We identify an alignment in values with all of our partners.  Our programs aim to change behaviour and to empower people to improve their own futures. To be effective, we model authenticity, inclusion, courage and integrity.

Pro-bono support and gifts in kind

Pro-bono professional support is of great value to us, whether in the form of mentoring a staff member or providing direct assistance in technical matters. We are always grateful to receive goods and services in-kind, such as office equipment, office space, hosting of functions and printing work. To find out where we need specific support, please contact us.

NEW!  Team Building Program

A unique program to develop the skills of your people and make a difference to the lives of children in Cambodia.  We combine a transformative team coaching program with 10 days in Cambodia that will challenge and engage your leadership team and deliver real business results. Find out more about our Team Building Program

More Information

The following fact sheets contain more information about SeeBeyondBorders' tailored approach to corporate partnerships.

An Introduction to SeeBeyondBorders for Corporates

Corporate Social Responsibility: Information for Businesses about Partnering with SeeBeyondBorders

Corporate Trips: Volunteering in Cambodia