First Senior Mentor Training in Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap Province First Senior Mentor Training in Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap Province

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Last week, SeeBeyondBorders conducted a Senior Mentor Training at Don Ov Primary School, Angkor Thom District, Siem Reap Province. The purpose of the training was to introduce the newly appointed Senior Mentors to their new role and duties.

Working in Angkor Thom District since 2013, we have reached 19 schools and worked with 26 teacher mentors. In this district, our focus areas are Quality Teaching, Systemic Capability, and Community Engagement. Angkor Thom District has been supported by SeeBeyondBorders for 5 years, and is currently in the Transition Program. SeeBeyondBorthers is collaborating with the District of Education (DoE) so that as it withdraws from Angkor Thom, the DoE will assume oversight responsibility for this district.

The seven new Senior Mentors have 5 years’ mentoring experience. Now it is their opportunity to closely collaborate with other mentors to ensure that all teachers in Angkor Thom receive quality teaching support and training. The sole purpose of this collaboration is to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

The newly appointed Senior Mentors are describing expected characteristics of a good mentor for teachers.

An excellent training was facilitated by Plung Phat, Chhout Sovoeun, Heng Sopha and Nissay Chanleakena. There was an excellent group discussion, followed by a classroom observation where all Senior Mentors were afforded an opportunity to observe a mentor/mentee session in practice. Following this classroom observation, Senior Mentors offered feedback on what they had observed and experienced in the classroom. We look forward to assisting the new Senior Mentors.


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