New beginnings, in two new districts New beginnings, in two new districts

By SeeBeyondBorders -

SeeBeyondBorders has received overwhelmingly positive feedback after the first teacher training workshop for teachers from Banteay Srei and Prasat Bakong.

SeeBeyondBorders has started working in two new districts: Banteay Srei and Prasat Bakong. Our first teacher training workshop was a great success. It was held in Preah Dak School from the 23rd to the 26th of February. 117 people attended the workshop and 83 of the attendees were women. The workshop catered for 34 mentors and 83 grade 1-3 teachers from the 19 local schools. It was great to see that among the participants, there were also representatives from the Provincial Office of Education, the District Office of Education, and the Primary Teacher Training College, who were all fully engaged with the workshop. We invite representatives from these existing structures in order to show them the new methodologies we are teaching the teachers and the positive changes we are making in Cambodian education. Workshops like this are a wonderful opportunity to gain support from existing structures, and work towards future collaboration and sustainable systemic change in Cambodia.

First workshop

The workshop focussed primarily on upskilling the teachers in mathematics. The attendees watched videos of the best teachers SeeBeyondBorders has worked with, and observed their teaching techniques. They learned about effective teaching strategies that would help them to engage with their students, and move towards student centred learning. They partook in warm-up activities, and learned how they could be used to make learning more fun. The workshop focused on using concrete materials, like rocks or bottle lids, to explain abstract concepts like numbers and equations. They were also told about the ongoing support they would be receiving from mentors in order to continuously improve their teaching.

"I am very happy with this workshop and learned a lot of new teaching skills through it. We never had a workshop like this before. It has helped me to understand how I can teach more effectively. I think the students will engage more with the new strategies that SeeBeyondBorders has taught me. I hope there will be a positive change after this."
Toch Chetana, a grade 3 teacher at Ah Ranh Reang Sey School

The feedback we received on the workshop was overwhelmingly positive. 95% of the participants rated the workshop content as good or very good, and 98% of participants rated the workshop overall as a 4 or 5 out of 5. When asked for feedback, the participants requested that the workshops continue, and expand to cover a range of other topics that teachers have been struggling with. This enthusiasm was great to hear, as our Quality Teaching Program will do exactly that. We work through a progression of Maths topics, each one building on the last, covering: Number, Calculation, Fractions, Patterns and Problem Solving. The Quality Teaching Program is tried and tested, and has proven to be effective in developing the teachers' knowledge progressively over time. This initial workshop provided a promising start and we look forward to building on it over the months and years ahead.

"Before, I found it very difficult to explain mathematical concepts to students. Now, after the workshop, I feel more confident, because I can use concrete materials to better explain these concepts, and I think that my teaching will improve because of it."
Sot Mom, a grade 1 teacher at Kere Meanan School

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