Our Strategy

We focus our interventions at three differing levels: within schools, within active districts and within the Cambodian education sector. Much of the work we do spans across all three of these levels, supporting and influencing teaching directly with teachers right up to a national level with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. 

Everything we do within these levels works hand in hand, working towards our overall goal: To inspire and empower professional Communities of Practice (CoP) to lead the positive transformation of Cambodian education.

Within schools:

  1. Deliver interventions to transform teachers’ capacity and children’s learning outcomes
  2. Develop and disseminate resources to maximise teaching effectiveness
  3. Develop and implement cost-effective projects which can be scaled

Within active districts:

  1. Establish locally-led CoPs as hubs to build the capacity of teachers, mentors, and leaders as educational changemakers
  2. Engage with schools and school communities in educational advocacy
  3. Conduct rigorous, ethical research to increase the evidence base in Cambodian education teaching and leadership

Within the education sector:

  1. Become a respected advocate for quality Cambodian education
  2. Develop mutually beneficial institutional partnerships to leverage shared expertise and enable transformative change
  3. Influence and guide the direction of Cambodian education policy and practice.