Support Quality Education

Your support enables us to inspire and empower professional Communities of Practice
to lead the positive transformation of Cambodian education.


SeeBeyondBorders started with a few committed individuals who had faith in us. We have partnered with philanthropists throughout the last decade to improve teaching and learning. We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to partner for quality education.


Do you want to achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility goals and positively impact the world? Here are some of the unique benefits of partnering with SeeBeyondBorders:

  • Dedicated and experienced account manager: You’ll have a single point of contact to develop a meaningful partnership that reinforces your profile as a responsible business.
    Engaged social media following: We’ll help you generate positive social media about the impact of our partnership through social media channels.
  • Visible impact on improving education in Cambodia: Our interventions have proven to lift children’s test scores by 40% on average, so you’ll receive regular good news stories to inspire employees and clients.
  • Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals: Be able to make a real difference in the lives of Cambodians and demonstrate your commitment to global citizenship

Trusts & Foundations

We seek partnerships with like-minded organisations that share our commitment to improving education quality and recognise the time required to achieve lasting change. We commit to our partners:

  • Financial Transparency: We uphold financial transparency and accountability by publishing annual reports online and providing expenditure reports to partners.
  • Cost Effectiveness: We maintain low overhead costs and manage resources efficiently to maximise our impact.
  • Sustainability: Our programmes are designed for long-term sustainability, embedding knowledge within the existing education system.

Donor feedback

“Even with the challenges presented by lockdowns and Covid, it’s clear your programme has made a real difference to teaching standards, teacher confidence and support, and educational attainment. Projects like this took on additional importance after lockdown given the loss of learning experienced by students and your outcome report shows how much of a difference your intervention has made to mitigate the worst of this. It has also always been impressive how well SBB has worked with the DoE and district government and your final report continues to show how well this can be done, even when curveballs such as their own national programme come along. I have no doubt how you have been able to adapt and then offer support to the government programme will have strengthened it and, although I’m sure not always straightforward for you, being able to keep SBB and DoE’s work and plans aligned will likely provide the best outcomes for education system strengthening in the long term. Finally, it is good to see that your child protection policies are effective and were able to identify and address safeguarding concerns.”