Quality Teaching Program

The Quality Teaching Program develops confident and competent communities of teachers committed to quality teaching and ongoing professional development. Our team teaches Cambodian teachers how to teach school curricula using the best teaching practices and methodologies. In order to improve their skills, however, teachers require more beyond workshops. They need ongoing support to ensure they put their learning into practice.

Our Quality Teaching Program targets three key focus areas:

  • Quality Education through Literacy: Empower teachers and school leaders to drive the sustainable improvement of school teaching and learning, with quality resources and teaching methodologies.
  • Systemic Change through Educational Changemakers: Strengthen the existing education system by increasing local ownership, fostering women’s leadership and ensuring that change is sustainable and scalable.
  • Technology through Educational Technology: Enhance education and improve the learning outcomes of children by providing vital teaching resources to teachers coupled with cutting-edge educational technology.


The Quality Teaching Program is being delivered through three interconnected Projects as follows:

Our Proven Impact

In 2023, 65% of students from schools participating in the Literacy Project achieved MPLs, compared to only 36% of students in control schools. Students in participating schools are far more likely to be able to read and write independently. They have these tools for life.

We have created and disseminated a vast library of over 1,000 contextually relevant, high-quality resources. They serve as the foundation of our interventions, engage teachers and leaders in professional development and enhance teaching and learning effectiveness.


In 2017 The Cambodian Ministry of Education carried out Early Grade Reading Assessments. The results were startling with “half of Cambodian children in Grades 1 and 2 unable to read a single familiar word”.

We want to ensure that every child leaves school with the ability to read and write in their own language. The goal of SeeBeyondBorders’ Literacy Project is to improve the professional knowledge, practice and engagement of teachers teaching literacy. It incorporates reading, writing, listening and speaking. We also believe families play a critical role in a child’s education, and through events like the Literacy Inspire, we help families celebrate the achievements of young learners, bringing the community together.

Educational Changemakers

75% of school principals are male, yet 75% of women make up the school workforce. This lack of female role models in leadership positions is a significant barrier faced by aspiring women leaders.

At SeeBeyondBorders we believe that great leaders motivate, inspire and enact change. Through a mix of structured learning and practical experiences, this two year course aims to address the gender gap in school leadership, inspiring girls and transforming school performance and learning levels. It provides an opportunity to pursue their dreams of making a difference in education within a supportive community that recognises the courage and value of women in leadership.

Educational Technology

Nearly half of students across the country must share maths and literacy textbooks according to the 2018 PISA-D Report. Quality resources are simply not readily available or used for teaching.

We enhance learning by bringing educational technology to rural Cambodian primary schools. Teachers are provided with tablets that house our quality, contextual educational resources for teaching maths and literacy, mentoring, and continuous professional development. Through training and ongoing support, teachers can effectively use technology to improve classroom engagement, increase attendance rates and improve learning outcomes.