Reflections as an Intern with SeeBeyondBorders: Rishi

The morning of October 2, 2023 was a rainy one — Battambang monsoon style. The sky was overcast, muted; despite my poncho, by the time I arrived at the office I was soaked. Yet, in a stark contrast to the sombre surroundings, I was brimming with a mixture of excitement and nervous anticipation as I […]

Annual Reflection marks half-way point for Educational Changemakers

Confidence. Collaboration. Connections. Creativity. Capability. Changemaker. These are but a few of the themes that Cohort 2 of the Educational Changemakers Project that recurred again and again as the changemakers presented their musings at the 2024 Annual Reflection. The reflection marked the halfway point of the two-year project and opened a space for them to […]

Reflections from an Eye-opening Cambodian Experience

James Neill- Trustee for SeeBeyondBorders UK recently spent time in Cambodia learning about the work being done on the ground in Cambodia. Read more about his experience in this blog written by James below Sitting and enjoying another coffee at New Leaf Eatery (a social enterprise cafe here in Siem Reap) has given me a […]

Enhancing Education through Technology!

Standing in a Grade 1 classroom in a primary school in Ek Phnom District, things appear quite different from five or six years ago. The same holds true for ten other primary schools in the Ek Phnom District of Battambang Province. The advent of SeeBeyondBorders’ Educational Technology project, funded by Electric Aid, has revolutionised teaching […]

Australian Ambassador to Cambodia Visits SeeBeyondBorders

Locally driven, internationally engaged. As SeeBeyondBorders continues to achieve greater localisation, our connections across provincial and national borders are of paramount importance. Our international connections promote two-way exchange programs, sponsor research, financially support on-site projects — and fundamentally, they enable the work of SeeBeyondBorders. Originally an Australian international NGO, the ties between our work in […]

Annual Staff Retreat 2023

What do a game show, discussing pilots in taxis, and shooting arrows at a target 50 metres away have in common? How about playing charades or racing while carrying a ball with chopsticks? The answer – our weeklong annual staff retreat in Siem Reap. Teacher Sophen and Boumy act as tigers in a game of […]

Pov becomes Managing Director – a Milestone for SeeBeyondBorders and Cambodia!

Twenty years ago Pov qualified as a teacher. Ten years ago Pheung Pov joined SeeBeyondBorders. Today Pov becomes SeeBeyondBorders’ first Managing Director. This is a milestone for Pov, for SeeBeyondBorders and for Cambodian education. “As Managing Director, Pov will be a critical member of the Senior Leadership Team. He takes responsibility for our Cambodian management, […]

SeeBeyondBorders Delivers A First Workshop on Teacher Professional Identity

PIKT Partners and 25 participant teachers from schools in Battambang gathered for the Teacher Professional Identity workshop. We recently provided the first ‘Teacher Professional Identity’ workshop in Cambodia as part of the collaborative Professional Identity of Khmer Teachers (PIKT) Research Project. Phan Sreyphet led the discussion on “What do good teachers do to create a […]

Newly appointed UK Chair, Reflections from Cambodia

Mike Walton is a semi-retired educator from the UK, 20 years a teacher followed by 20 years a headteacher in both the UK and Thailand. He has been a board member of many international educational organisations, including being Chair of The Federation of British International Schools in Asia. Earlier this year he took up the […]