SeeBeyondBorders Delivers A First Workshop on Teacher Professional Identity

PIKT Partners and 25 participant teachers from schools in Battambang gathered for the Teacher Professional Identity workshop.

We recently provided the first ‘Teacher Professional Identity’ workshop in Cambodia as part of the collaborative Professional Identity of Khmer Teachers (PIKT) Research Project.

Phan Sreyphet led the discussion on “What do good teachers do to create a supportive learning environment?”

This workshop was delivered in Battambang with the other PIKT institutional partners. The other partners are the Ministry of Education, the Phnom Penh Teacher Education College and the National College of Ireland.

His Excellency Dr. Set Seng, Professor Leo Casey, Dr. Bo Chan Koulika and Colm Byrne.

This research project looks to answer the question ‘What makes a good teacher?’ – The challenge of enhancing teacher professional identity and capability in Cambodian schools. It focuses on the tasks of building teacher professional identity: how teachers see themselves and how this may change over time. The recent workshop in Battambang examined how teachers can promote good classroom culture and provide effective instruction.

Throughout the workshop the 24 participant teachers were encouraged to examine their own perceptions of learning, teaching and paths to improvement. Teachers were broken into small group with facilitators from SeeBeyondBorders, Phnom Penh Teacher Education College and the Department of Policy.

The workshop introduced the Quality of Teaching Practice components, identified within the Teach primary framework, developed by the World Bank. Over the course of the workshop, nine behavioural elements were highlighted and shared with the teachers. During this workshop each participant teacher committed to specific practice improvements and reflections in the months ahead.

Now let’s listen to reflections from teachers and others on this project.

The PIKT Project is funded by the Irish Research Council and Irish Aid through Strand 2B: of Better World Awards.

This successful workshop concludes with plans for follow-up reflections in the next data gathering round.

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